Sunday, January 4

What is a Leading Lady?

I've been getting a lot of questions from friends and family members (who are really the only people reading this blog right now- thanks guys!) about the title and theme of this blog. "What," they ask, "do you mean by 'Leading Lady'?"

To me a Leading Lady is someone who is Conscious and Proactive- who really takes part in life- someone who has a lot of self-esteem (but not cockiness), self-respect and self-confidence. Strong but feminine. Happy but not careless.

(Kate Hudson)...and...
(Jane Austen)...and...
(J.K. Rowling)...and maybe! Or you!

My Leading Lady goal for this week is to be Proactive. I can admit (and my Mother will be happy to tell you) that I do have a tendency to be LAZY. Well LAZY is my new four letter word! Now, don't worry, I'm not going to run myself ragged or anything, but I know that some of the happiest, most satisfying memories I have are of times when I was PROACTIVE- doing lots of things, checking off my to-do list and making things happen. I slept well those nights and felt good about the time I spent on those days. So this week I'm focusing and developing the proactive side of Leading Lady Lis.
My big To-Do's:
- do all the paperwork to start subbing with another school district
- turn in all of my 4H paperwork (LOVE 4H!)
- Go grocery shopping and stay UNDER budget!
- write a product review for my new favorite beverage- so tasty!
- make an exercise plan for this week and stick to it
- do something I really love to do (as opposed to being lazy and doing nothing)
- spend time with my loved ones (husband and in-laws)

Ok, so that's one for every day this week. I'll check in and report each time I accomplish one of my goals and tell ya'll how my proactive week is going!

Leading Lady Lis


thelaytonfamily said...

LOL - dad said to me, I don't really understand Alyssa new blog, have you seen it. I said, yes, I love it! Don't worry about not understanding it...your a guy! He said, yes, I am guilty of that...

Leading Lady Lis said...

about the goal to start subbing with another school district- I did the research and found out that the other district in my area isn't accepting more subs. Oh well, at least I was proactive and found out about it. Bummer!