Friday, January 30

"The Downfall of Juicing"

Sorry I left the blog on that negative note for a few days! I got a cold and a MAJOR case of carb cravings- but I'm feeling all better now!

So here's why juicing sucks:
- You have to really force yourself to drink enough calories so that you don't get lightheaded and nauseous. If you DON'T force yourself then you end up wanting less and less juice and feeling crappier and crappier and get a headache and sick tummy. That was one of my biggest problems I think. Since I wasn't feeling hungry I didn't drink, but that just made it worse.
- You know how they always so to not do deprivation diets and to always include small treats or else you'll break one day and totally over do it? Well, I never believed that until this week! When I finally stopped juicing I was DIEING for some bread and fat! And I over did it.

Here's what I learned from juicing:
- I learned that I really don't need as much food as I sometimes think I do. I really RARELY felt hungry doing this and it helped me to realize that I often eat because "it's time" or for other non-fuel related reasons. Juicing will help me to stop that, I think, and eat when I'm hungry.
- Drinking fresh juice is good when included in a healthy diet! Concentrated nutrients are what you get when you make juice at home and I could definitely use some more of that in my life. Some of you have wondered about how much juice is leftover and what I'll do with it. Well, I'm freezing it all up into ice cubes and I'll be using them in my morning smoothies for an added boost of nutrients.
- SERIOUSLY! Never do deprivation diets! They set you up for failure and feeling bad about yourself AND overeating when they're done. Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet and you'll be 10 times better off!

I feel like I learned some other things too, but I can't remember them right now- maybe later!

Anyways, for now, I'm happy to say that I have recovered from juicing and ...
DALE COMES HOME TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SO excited- what a sap I am!

Love and hugs,

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Anonymous said...

Hi there! Hope everything has been going well - I kinda fell out of blog world for a while!! I did a quick catch up and can't believe you did a juice fast! way to go girl! I don't think I could do that... I would be sooo grumpy! Hope all's well!