Thursday, January 8

First Yoga Class!

Wow! I just got back from my first real yoga class and it was great! Maybe this sound cliche but my arms were killing me during all those downward dogs...but I held out and never took the "child's pose" option. My teacher was great, not too out there but she still had some great things to say besides describing poses and form.

And amazingly... wasn't that hard for me to get up at 5:15 am this morning to get going! That was certainly surprising, but I guess I was excited!

My next class is Saturday morning and I can't wait (though I know I'll be sore from this class)!


P.S. Jenna over a (you can find the link to her blog in my blog list) was one of the main things that encouraged me to try out a yoga class. She is very into yoga and has often written about how good it makes her feel- I'm starting to figure out what she means! You feel strong, but light and powerful, but peaceful. And just plain good. Thanks Jenna!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lis!
So funny - I read your comment on eatliverun and was laughing because yesterday I went to my first yoga class in ages after reading about how awesome Jenna feels! She also inspired me to start a blog and try and learn how to cook! Anyways, love the blog, will definitely be following you and hopefully we can both keep up the yoga work!