Monday, January 5

Monday Weigh in #1

So, Mondays are going to be weigh in days. I debated about whether to put this on the blog because it's so personal and...jeez...what if I mess up!

But I figure, if I know that anyone who reads this blog is going to see how much I lose (or gain) each week then I will definitely feel more accountable for what I eat and how I exercise during the week, which is a good thing. So I'll swallow my pride and every Monday there'll be a short weigh in post.

Starting weight (from last week): 150.8
weight- 148.4
body fat- 31.2% (yikes!)
water- 50.4%
muscle- 35.7%
bone- 3.1%

Okay, I'm off to make a green smoothie with oatmeal in it instead of psillium husk per my Dad's suggestion.
See ya!

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