Wednesday, January 7

Pilates and Yoga

I've signed up for two new classes to help feed my new obsession!

Pilates CoreMax
Using the Joseph Pilates Method tone your core to the Max!
Power Yoga
A vigorous and powerful approach to Yoga, using Ashtanga, Anusara and Hatha styles of yoga.

As the spouse of a student I can sign up for "aerobics" classes on campus! (I also get free access to the University's Gyms and track) And so I signed up for these two classes. They are at 6:00 am!!! except for the yoga class on Saturdays which is at 8:30am, so that's a lot better.

I'm excited for several reasons:
A) One of my goals is to exercise regularly!
B) Another of my goals is to get in the habit of waking up early!
C) And ever since the summer (when I had some private yoga lessons) I have wanted to get better at yoga and this yoga class sounds like it will definitely be a CHALLENGE!
(This is where I lived over the summer where I took my yoga lessons- Bellyacres in Hawaii!)

My first class is yoga tomorrow- wish me luck!


P.S. I said I would update you about how I was exercising- I did yoga last night for about 20 minutes (a little wimpy, I know, but I got my brother-in-law Quinn to do it with me! Shocking!) and this morning I did Pilates (with my workout tape) for only a little while.

P.P.S. I bought cute new workout clothes today- to help me feel a little more confident and motivated for my classes!

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thelaytonfamily said...

I'm so excited for you! This would be so fun. I dream of getting Ranger in kindergarten so I can take a PE class at the college! ~someday there might be more time!