Monday, January 19

Monday Weigh in #3

It's that time time again!

Starting weight: 150.8
weight today: 146 !

I was dreading weigh in all weekend, but was pleasantly surprised this morning when the scale said I was down by 1.6 pounds! I'll take it!

I know I said I'd do another post yesterday, but things have been a little intense around here- decisions being made and emotions getting out and all that jazz. Later today, after I talk with some more people, I'll do a post about the big decision I made- it's pretty big and exciting (at least for me) but I'm nervous to reveal it for some reason.

Wow, what a teaser that is! You'll just have to wait until tonight to hear about the decision!


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Anonymous said...

Yay for you on the weight loss! Can't wait to hear your decision!