Monday, January 12

Monday Weigh in #2

Alright, time for another Monday Weigh in- Oh Joy of Joys.

Starting Weight- 150.8
Last Weigh in- 148.2
Weight today- 147.4
Body Fat%- 31%
Water%- 50.4%
Muscle %- 35.9%
Bone% (which I'm still not sure I understand what that means- can anyone enlighten me?)- 3.1%

So, down a pound- I can live with that, but I know that I can eat a LITTLE bit better and exercise a LITTLE bit more this week to see it come down even more!

Remember (as I am trying to do) that little steps forward can add up to BIG successes- it just takes patience!

Sorry for the three day hiatus from posting. My internet was doing funky things so I am posting from campus with Dale doing his homework next to me. We're changing our internet provider sometime next week so hurray for that!

Here are some random photos taken this week for a little visual stimulation:
A delicious homemade meal of grilled chicken breast, salad with homemade orange balsamic vinagrette, and (the star of the show) homemade vegetarian (vegan) barbecued beans with lima beans and black eye peas. Oh, this was SO good. I believe we had some San Pellegrino with this too.
A new find! Chicken Jalapeno Sausages from my favorite store ever, Sunflower Farmer's Market. Spicy and juicy.
The same sausage chopped up and topping a wonderful bowl of greens and goodies along with crock pot pinto beans and spinach- no dressing needed. (this was my lunch one day this week.)
And, last but not least, a Russian tortoise (or something- it was just cute) that was in one of the classrooms I subbed for this week. These little guys apparently LOVE lettuce! They were totally going to town on it.

Workout Plan for the week:
Monday- already did it! Pilates class, weight lifting and elliptical for 30 minutes.
Tuesday- yoga class, running for 30 minutes plus stretching
Wednesday- Pilates class, weight lifting, cardio machine mix 30 minutes
Thursday- yoga class, running for 30 minutes plus stretching
Friday- sprints for 30 minutes, weight lifting
Saturday- yoga class, jog for 30 minutes- maybe sledding or to Jump On It (a cool place FILLED with trampolines for adults!)
Sunday- rest! Maybe a walk or some light yoga

Well, that's all for now, but I'll leave you with a teaser for an upcoming post- a RESTAURANT REVIEW!

Looks delicious, huh?


P.S. What are your goals/plans for this week?

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thelaytonfamily said...

Hey whats the recipe for your bbq beans. I love black eyes peas they always make me think of Grandma!