Saturday, January 3

The Last of the Info...

So far I've confessed to you certain things about me- 1) How I have been acting like "the best friend" in my own life and 2) How I've made a "New Year's Revolution" to begin acting like a Leading Lady.

Today I present you with more information about myself, my havits and my plans for this blog. Maybe some of you find this uninteresting- maybe others find it fascinating. regardless of whether you skip this part or read ravenously, I feel this is important infor, so here it is.

A) Who is Leading Lady Lis?
Glad you asked! Well, I am a born and raised Californian, but I am living in Utah right now as my dear husband, Dale, is doing his graduate studies. I graduated back in April with a BA in English. In conjunction with that fact you should know that I have a sad and appalling addiction to reading. I LOVE books! I am a speed reader extraordinaire!
Another think I love? Cooking! Cooking is my passion, my pastime and my favorite subject of daydreams. Other things I like are hiking and doing crafty things. I am a substitute teacher and, though it's not the most glamorous of jobs, I really love it! I also do 4H after school clubs at one of my local elementary schools about cooking and healthy living. I live in a old apartment that my husband and I have turned into a warm and comfortable home. I hate the snow (except when sledding!) and love animals. And goat cheese. And did I mention books?

B) The Regulars- So there are several "regulars" that you will see on the blog (foodwise) pretty often. Here's an explanation:
1) Green Smoothies- this is the way I start most of my days. I began drinking Green Smoothies over the summer living on a farm in Hawaii where we had kale and papayas coming out of our ears to I started blending them tegether for a smoothie and it was delicious! A nutritious way to get in a full serving each of fruits and vegetables first thing in the morning! The original green smoothies of cold green tea, Hawaiian papaya and kale has morphed into my current day green smoothie with consists of:
a) 1/2 a scoop vanilla whey protein
b)1 tsp: raw cacao, flaxseed and psillium husk (did I spell that right?)
c) about a cup of unsweetened almond milk plus some water and ide
d) fruit
e) about a cup and a half of fresh kale
f) sometimes green tea- but not very often
It may sound strange but don't knock it until you've tried it. This is my favorite way to start the day. It's filling and energizing and boy does it start you up for success!
2)Raw Almonds- I do not like all of the oil and salt they add to roasted almonds- both for taste adn for health- so I nearly always eat my almonds raw. I am allergic to raw walnuts, pecans and pumpkin seeds though so I usually toast or roast most of my other nuts when I have them. But, honestly you're mostly going to see Almonds and occassionaly pistachios or peanuts on this blog. I'm kind of scared to eat the rest.
3) Greens and Goodies- this is what I call salad.

I am a firm believer in greens! I think they have such huge health benefits that they should be included in every diet every day (hence the kale in my breakfast). Sadly, most Americans do not get nearly as many greens in their diets as they should and iceberg lettuce is much too popular for my liking. I love to eat dark green or red leafy goodies like baby spinach, radicchio, romaine and spring mixes not to mention TONS of kale in my smoothies, collard greens and other stuff. Everybody need GREENS! (And not boring ones either, hence the "goodies" added on- salads should never be boring!)

Ok, that's the last of the boring information. Tomorrow is Sunday and we'll start the blog for realsies. Keep reading! And don't forget to comment and let me know you're out there reading this!

Leading Lady Lis

P.S. What are some of your "regulars"?


thelaytonfamily said...

Hey - start using your spell regular...hmmm, you want me to gush about oreos or french bread with butter. :)

Dale said...

I love food too!!!!!!! Especially green smoothies!!!!

jd said...

That Green Smoothie looks fab! I'll definitely have to give your recipe a try - thanks!

PS I'm glad to have found your blog :)