Monday, January 26

Monday Weigh in #4

So, my weight is (obviously) quite a bit lower this week because of my 1 1/2 days of juicing so far- the real trick is going to be seeing if I can maintain whatever amount of weight I lose when this is all over!

Starting Weight: 150

Weight this morning: 144!!!

Cool that's six pounds and about 2 I think for this week- awesome!

I'm gonna go call Leiah and pressure her into posting her weigh in (and other stuff) 'cuz I think she's going to need a little motivation. She wants me to call her and giver her a food pep talk today- maybe I'll just do a post? Or both? Who knows, I've got so much time on my hands now that Dale is gone until Friday. I'm proud that I didn't cry at all this morning when I dropped him off, but I miss him already. We really depend on each other a lot.

Anyways- the juice fast/feast continues and I'm feeling fine!


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