Wednesday, January 14

Restaurant Review and Yoga Burns!

Happy Wednesday! Man, I am having a good week- it's probably all that exercise plus the start of 4H.

Guru's Restaurant Review
So on Saturday after our workouts, Dale and I decided to go to our favorite place for brunch- Guru's!
Guru's is a hippie/funky/ethnic little place in downtown Provo, UT with great food- Thai, Mexican and Italian- all with a distinctly American twist.
Some of my favorite include the Grilled Salmon Salad which has sugar snap peas, edamame, red peppers and tons of other interestingly cut veggies and the Thai Peanut Noodle Bowl which also has tons of veggies cut up like pasta and mixed in with the rest of the noodles. (I also love the blue cheese and steak quesadilla- but we won't go there, 'cuz it makes me feel all heavy and sick afterward).

Though there are many wonderful things at Guru's NOTHING and I mean NOTHING compares to the two ways they prepare the lowly (but nutritious) sweet potato. Therefore my entire reason for going there on Saturday rested in the hands of their talented sweet potato chef (what a great job to have!)

I got two eggs (poached medium), two slices of whole wheat bread and SWEET POTATO HOME FRIES which are sauteed with green and red peppers and onions. Mmmmmm...a little ketchup and I was in heaven (until Dale somehow got ketchup into my blackberry jam- don't ask).

Dale got his favorite breakfast ever (done Guru's style of course): Biscuits and Gravy.
They call the The Cowboy Benny at Guru's- not sure why but it does have poached eggs on top of the biscuits. Yes a heart attack waiting to happen, but it made his mouth and tummy so happy- with a side of sweet potato home fries, of course.

The other way they prepare sweet potatoes are the most magnificent potato french fries with a chipotle dipping sauce. They are so good that I really never eat french fries unless I eat them there. So maybe this is one time where eating french fries actually helps your diet- nothing else compares!

All in all Guru's is a great place- friendly people, funky decor and chilled out music and Fabulous Food with two capital F's.

Yoga Burns
So, I am fairly new to the whole yoga thing, but I really, really like it. Two of the funniest/helpful things that yoga teachers have said to me in class are:
"Just breathe through any pain or discomfort you might be feeling."
"Feel the fire building in that muscle."

Somehow yoga teachers can turn a "HOLY HECK! MY MUSCLE IS GOING TO SPLIT OPEN!" moment into a peaceful, relaxing, empowering moment. How do they do that?

Next time you're working out and feel like you can't possibly go any longer or harder just remember to "Breathe through any pain or discomfort you feel" and to "feel the fire building in your muscles." (not to the point of injury, of course- do listen to your body and stop if you feel you might injure yourself.)

My Pilates Teacher gives us a challenge at the end of every class. Today's was to be cheerful and I pass the same challenge along to you. In every situation today do your best to be genuinely cheerful and happy. I promise to try it too!


P.S. I love my sister. She's great!


Anonymous said...

Those sweet potatoes do look amazing!! Hope you have a great day!

Leading Lady Lis said...

Thanks- I think I'll try making them at home this coming week!

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl,
First of all, I looooove sweet potatoes... I am so jealous! Haha, and you made me laugh with the whole "breathe through the pain" comment... with me, it either totally works and helps, or I am just like, "ooh shut up it hurts" :)

keep up the good work! I fell off the blogging/being healthy train this week (whoops) but am hoping to get back on tomorrow!!