Wednesday, January 21

Changes are never easy

Changes are never easy- that's a pretty indisputable fact, I think.

Whether you're trying to lose weight (as Leiah and I are) change bad habits, begin good habits, or- as is the theme of this blog- trying to treat yourself the best you can, change takes great effort and concentration. Sometimes even when we know we are making changes for the better, we still miss our old days of deviance. Why is that?

I think there is a part of human nature- particularly for women- that feels we deserve less than the best. Again, why is that?!? That's probably one of the most destructive thoughts we can have, but I know that I am guilty of it sometimes. If I feel I haven't done "enough" one day then I sometimes feel that I don't deserve good things- love from my husband, a trip to the movies, or things like that. Funnily enough I never feel I don't deserve an ice cream sundae or a chocolate chip cookie.

Something inside us seems to resist our success, our changes for the better. I think this is part of the reason changes are never easy.

Ok, so this post has taken a different direction than I'd planned, but I mentioned the other day that this blog was taking a "food and exercise" direction and that that was okay by me. Leiah got a little worked up about that, but I think that was because I didn't explain myself well enough.

This blog is about learning to be good to ourselves and learn to really act like leading ladies, in charge of and loving our lives. I think two of the best things we can give ourselves is good food and time to exercise!

Food soothes and nourishes our bodies and souls and exercise gives us endorhpins, helps us sleep better and helps us adopt a better body image. Not mention lengthening our lives.

That's what I meant about the blog taking a food and exercise direction- all with the intention of helping me to become a better, happier person! I'll still post about other things, but I think many of my posts will be about those subjects.

Anyways, maybe that was a boring post (no pictures!) but I think it was important- and good!


P.S. What sorts of things do you think help you become a better, happier person? Leave a comment and let me know!


Anonymous said...

I'm a happy person when I wake up and put a smile on my face. If I start the day right, I'll have a great day!

thelaytonfamily said...

If I don't start out with some form of excercise then I'm frustrated all day - and then I usually don't eat very healthy. Really however, the thing that makes me feel the best is being helpful...I'll have to do a post on it. Do you realize how many people are SO not helpful! :)