Thursday, January 8

The Best Sub Job Ever and Something to Learn from it

Ok, so I mentioned that I'm a substitute teacher and that I really love it. Well, today I had the Best sub job ever!

Today I subbed for a music ed. teacher at an elementary school and we played games about musical styles and musical instruments and that was cool, but the BEST part was a game called "Freeze Dancing."

For this game I played a song from one of the different music styles we learned about (reggae, rock, hip hop, country, classical and jazz) and all the kids just went crazy dancing! (me too, I confess!) Then I pressed the pause button and they all froze where they were. They loved it and were such great dancers!

The tip I have for today comes from Freeze Dancing! I guess I forgot how much fun dancing can be, but seeing those kids with huge smiles on their faces and just GOING TO TOWN bustin' moves right and left made me remember that dancing is GREAT fun- not to mention a great way to get moving and lift your mood and metabolism.

If you've got kids, try playing "Freeze Dancing" with them, or if you're alone just put on some rockin' tunes and set the timer for 15 minutes and dance your heart out. Some of my favorite songs to bust a move to are: "Why Should I worry" by Billy Joel. "Beautiful Liar" by Beyonce and Shakira "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield
Have fun rockin' out!


P.S. What are your favorite songs to rock out (or work out) to?


Ruby Red Vegan said...

Hello Miss LLL! I totally forgot about freeze dancing. Sooo fun! There's really nothing more therapeutic than bustin' a move like a crazy person...I love to do just that, but only when I'm in the company of people who I am comfortable with. One song I like to rock out to is "Bojangles" by Pitbull, turned up nice and loud.

Thanks for the nice comment, too! I have not tried a green smoothie yet, but I plan to very soon. (No blender at my parent's house, but I just got back to my place tonight!) I'll let you know what I think, because I wanna try your recipe!

Leading Lady Lis said...

Bojangles by Pitbull? I've never even heard of them! I'll have to check them out on youtube!

No blender at your parents house?!?!?! Are they crazy? I use mine nearly every day, sometimes twice a day. Soups, smoothies and sauces- it's my favorite appliance!