Friday, January 2

New Year's Revolution

Around this time of year people are making all kinds of grandiose "New Year's Resolutions." In fact, I'm willing to bet that a couple hundred new blogs have popped up this week as a result of "New Year's Resolutions" as if suddenly, because it is now the beginning of a new year, people are going to be able to immediately change. Be different people, think differently and, above all, act differently.

Personally, I don't think MOST people who make "New Year's Resolutions" are likely to succeed--at least I haven't succeeded with my past resolutions.

That's not to say that I don't believe in goal-making! I totally do, but most changes happen over a period of time. Sudden, drastic changes (such as "I'm never going to eat carbs again!" or "I will exercise 3 hours a day, every day!) usually only happen when something highly traumatic occurs in our life. Stepping on the scale come January 1st to see 10 extra pounds is just NOT traumatic enough to really cause us to change!

No, no. The type of change I'm hoping to make happen in my life will be a gradual one. I want to make little changes the feel so good. I want to THINK a LITTLE bit differently and ACT a LITTLE bit differently. I have no desire to become a different person--I like who I am now! I just know that I have it within my power to treat myself a LITTLE bit better than before and WHY NOT TREAT MYSELF WELL?

Around a month ago I started to fall into that same old trap again where I started thinking about my "New Year's Resolutions" and all that jazz and when I sat down at my computer to type them out I accidently wrote "New Year's Revolutions." That stopped me in my tracks. "What an interesting thought," I said to myself. A Revolution versus a Resolution.
(The American Revolution)

Revolutions (of countries) are never easy. The revolutionaries have setbacks and struggles and hard times yet those who have been successful have always been the ones who pressed forward despite SETBACKS, MISTAKES and HARD TIMES.
(The Mirabal sisters from the Dominican Republic)
They held onto their ideals (whether virtuous or not is beside the point) and changed their own situations.

I guess English majors like me get more hung up on words than normal people, but seeing the new phrase made a big difference to me. Anyways... so my "New Year's Revolution" is to treat myself well--like I'm special and deserving!
I'm starting a Revolution! Let's join forces!

Leading Lady Lis

P.S. What are some of your "New Year's Revolutions" (Or Resolutions or whatever works for you)?


thelaytonfamily said...

Hey Lis,
I think your blog is inspiring! Love you! Keep up the great work!

Leading Lady Lis said...

Thanks for checking it out Leiah, glad you liked it! Love you, too!