Saturday, January 31

Celebrity Part 2

Back in early January I did a post on the everyday "celebrities" we have in our lives.
My mom is one of those celebrities. This summer when I was on bed rest with my 4th baby she came to live with us for 9 weeks. She did everything for us and nothing for herself. She is certainly a HERO.

This blog is about becoming a leading lady ... although mostly it's been about food and weight loss I wanted to get back to the roots of why I thought my sisters idea for this blog was so GREAT!
Someone who becomes a leading lady is someone who feels good about herself. One way to fast track those good feelings is to do something good for someone else. Don't wait to be asked, don't wait to be told, be observant to those around you and find some way, small or not, to make them feel good, or ease their burdens.
Let me know how your service of luck!!!


Leading Lady Lis said...

you know, I went to bed last night planning on writing a post about Mom- but I guess we were sharing the same brain waves and you beat me to it!

That's such a great picture- Mom is so beautiful!

Brooke said...

hey alyssa, I meant to ask earlier, but where do you mainly shop around here? I know you mentioned sunflower market...anywhere else? I specifically wanted to try the green smoothie...

Leading Lady Lis said...

Hey Brooke! Do you live in Provo? I do nearly all of my shopping at Sunflower Farmer's Market and Walmart (I hate Walmart, but the prices are pretty good, so oh well). Macey's also has pretty good deals on produce too, but I think Sunlfower's has the best produce and really good kale prices.

All in all, kale prices vary hugely with the seasons but spinach tastes almost exactly the same (aka very little taste). I always buy spinach pre-washed for easiness in the morning.

Good luck with your green smoothies, Brooke!