Tuesday, January 6

My New Obsession...Hopefully

So, I mentioned my obsession with books, but I have another obsession I guess (according to Leiah...and my husband....and my mom and dad...and others).

I really like food!

Not necessarily eating it, though I like that too. I love cooking, reading about cooking, reading about eating, daydreaming about food, planning menus and really anything else food related. I even teach two kids cooking classes and one healthy living class where we learn about the food pyramid and healthy eating habits. I think food is super cool.

They say that getting a fit and toned physique with a healthy body weight and all that jazz is 80% nutrition, 10% exercise and 10% genes. I'm doing alright with the 80% (though I know I eat a little too much to be losing weight- healthy foods though!). The part where I have trouble is with exercising.

It's not that I don't enjoy exercising- because I do! I just never do it. When I actually get myself out there and get moving I love it and almost always feel fit and happy when I'm done. The problem is that I keep telling myself the same phrase over and over each day "I'll do it later."

This is such a destructive phrase! If you keep saying it over and over you'll end up NEVER doing anything. So one of my goals is to develop an exercise plan and STICK TO IT! Say "I'll do it now" instead of "I'll do it later."

Leiah is really much better at exercising than I am and she has some great tips on revving your metabolism up into high gear. Hopefully she'll enlighten us in a future post about how she finds time to boost her metabolism even with four little kids running around!

In the meantime, here's my exercise plan for the rest of the week:
Tuesday- 30 minutes of yoga
Wednesday- Pilates class (at 6am- jeez!)
Thursday- Yoga class (6am again)
Friday- elliptical machine for 30 minutes
Saturday- sledding with Dale and some yoga
Sunday- rest and easy yoga

Can you tell I like yoga? I'm still a beginner, but am trying to get better at it- feels so good.

From now on I'll be doing this post on Sundays- announcing what my exercise plan for the week is and, periodically, reporting on how that's all going. Keep me accountable! Pretty soon I'll be looking like her
Jillian Michaels- one of the trainers from "The Biggest Loser." Hey it could happen!

I'm making exercise my new obsession (hopefully) while still eating healthy.

What are your healthy obsessions? (like me and kale, I guess)


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