Tuesday, January 27

Juice Fast Day 3

This sucks.

Sunday I felt great- wonderful even!- and light. Not even very hungry.
Monday I felt okay- mostly just energy-less and about 3 I developed a light headache that has persisted even until now.
Tuesday- I want to stop this. I'm cold (my heater is broken...again!) I'm still not hungry (weird) and that headache is still here. I'm trying to study and I just CAN'T concentrate- everything keeps seeming to long so I just skim and don't remember anything I just read. I HATE feeling unproductive. I feel like I'm on the verge of tears and I really want to eat something.

Thy Upside? I don't want to eat crap! I'm really craving a recipe from the newest issue of SELF magazine for Spiced Lentil Tacos- burgers and fries (except for sweet potato fries!) are the furthest thing from my mind. Even my quintessential comfort food the holy "bean burrito" doesn't sound appealing to me. This may be because I also feel slightly nauseous, but I think this juice thing has helped with my cravings for all things cheesy and sugary. I haven't truly "given up" on it yet, but I just mixed some protein powder into my pineapple juice and am having a bit of cooked cabbage right now, but I don't expect to hold out for much longer....

Love, Lis

P.S. I still don't think I'll regret trying this, I just should have planned to do it for a shorter period of time.

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