Thursday, February 19

Rokit Fuel

Okay, okay, so this is totally a food thing and I should put it on the "foodie" blog, but I really wanted more people to see it, so I'm putting it here.
This was my breakfast this morning- Pumpkin Chocolate Rokit Fuel Cereal with other things added in- shredded coconut, a little extra chocolateness, some protein powder and almond milk + extra plain oats (to bulk it up, since I was sharing with Dale). Rokit Fuel is SO yummy! More about Rokit Fuel later in this post!

So I got the results of my many lab tests at the doctors and (big surprise) everything was normal (the doctor is almost positive that I'm allergic to the mold growing in my apartment- eww! More on that later...) EXCEPT for my triglyceride count, which was... high.(Classy, I know.)

Wait, what? I'm only 22! How can my cholesterol/triglycerides be high yet? Well, the funny thing is that I've been thinking for a while that I should get it checked, because heart disease is so prevalent in our family. I'm very grateful that I followed my intuition and had this checked- what better motivation to workout more and eat healthier than wanting to lower your risk of heart disease?

So, to start of my increased heart-healthy consciousness "How to Be a Leading Lady" is going to host a contest!

This is a heart healthy recipe contest!
You have until 5 pm on Saturday to email your favorite heart healthy recipe to
On Sunday at 5 pm Leiah and I will collaborate and choose the winner- so be looking for that post sometime Saturday evening.
The rules are:
- it has to be an ORIGINAL recipe. NO plagiarism please!
- it has to contain at least TWO heart healthy ingredients. Please include a SHORT description of why these items are heart healthy.
- All emails must be in my in-box by 5 pm on Saturday in order to be considered for the prize.
- Bonus points if you sign up as a follower of this blog!!!

Here are some examples of heart healthy foods that I have in my kitchen right now to get your creative juices flowing!

(That last one there is golden flax seeds)

So what do you get if you win?
Rokit Fuel!

This is a great hot cereal that I love (they say that you can eat it cold, but that doesn't sound very good to me)! It is seriously one of the best cereal's I've ever had and SO filling and heart healthy. Check out their website for the nutrition facts and awesome flavors!

They have four flavors of cereal and I'll be giving a 3 single serving packets of Rokit Fuel to the winner of this contest. And think about it, not many people read this blog so your chances of winning are really good!

I'm excited to read your recipes!

Love, Lis

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just wanted to say "hello" and announce that I'm one of your followers now. I came over here through several different food blogs (I'm a Kath reader) and like your blog.
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