Friday, February 13


So my doctor's visit went pretty much as I expected it to- they said I had a virus but didn't know why I get sick all the time. So I've got another appointment for next tuesday for a FULL physical. Exciting, huh? But, I haven't had a physical in years so I AM interested to see what they find out about me.

I'm still feeling sick, but I think I'm at the tail-end of it- no more fevers and I'm not so much like a walking zombie. I've started doing my stay-healthy regimen again which I'll describe for you:
take the following pills: 2 claritan, 1 women's multi-vitamin, 1 acai berry capsule, probiotics and 1 Vitamin E gel capdrink the following: 2 Emergen-C packets daily, TONS of water, (and as much as possible of the following) green tea, ginger tea, echinacea tea, and really as much herbal and green tea as I can squeeze in in a day.I know from experience that when I am religious about this regimen I don't get sick nearly as often- it's just kind of a pain (and expensive) to maintain- but I guess it's worth it if I don't have to feel like crap so often.

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