Tuesday, February 17

Choose Happiness #2

"Choose Happiness" "Choose Happiness" "Choose Happiness" has been my mantra today- it hasn't been easy but I have succeeded. Somedays it's tough to choose to be happy, but I never gave up and guess what? I feel pretty darn happy!

So there you have it. It works. I've put it to the test and it has worked again. It's that old saying "Mind over Matter." It's the knowledge that I can rise above whatever "daily life" throws at me. Knowing that I am in charge of my own happiness is empowering- I am still learning this, but having a successful day like today gives me strength and encouragement.

Try it out for yourself! Tomorrow! Right now! And always.

The choice is yours.

Choose happiness.

(a happy) Lis

P.S. Sorry for the lack of pictures- I thought about taking a picture of myself SMILING, but you can see that in my profile photo!


Diane said...

I'm smiling!!!!!

Love, Mom

Wendy Maxham said...

Google "Charles Swindoll Quotes". My boss handed out one of his quotes at the beginning of this year that I now have hanging in my office. Longer versions of Choose Happiness!