Sunday, February 15

Happy Valentines Day!

(Not the best picture- we looked better in real life, I promise!)
I had such a wonderful Valentines Day thanks to my sweet husband and to re-reading the post I did on "Choosing Happiness." I'm sorry for how negative I was in my last few posts, but that has been my mood for the past week. I'm trying to move past it and focus on the good and CHOOSE to be happy and productive. This really works, even if I forget sometimes.

We had a fun and free date- a Valentines Dance at our church with a live band and lots of fun. We danced a ton, had our picture taken and had some fun little finger foods. A good date doesn't have to be expensive if you're creative and open about it!

I hope you all had a nice V-day and are remembering to be happy and enjoy life!


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