Thursday, December 2

Updates and Whatnot

So, somehow in the stress of being pregnant and moving to and from California, I completely forgot I even I HAD a blog. So, quick update:

1. I had a sweet little baby girl (thanks to the help of my husband, my birthing coach and my super great doctor) last November 17. Yeah I know she's a year old now. But hey, I seriously just remembered about this blog.

2. My husband graduated from grad school at BYU and we moved to Phoenix, AZ. We live as DOWNTOWN as it gets and I do. not. like. living in the city. therefore, we plan to move to the suburbs sometime in the spring or early summer when our lease expires.

3. Overall, life is REALLY good, but (you knew there had to be a "but") I have not lost a single pound of baby weight. :(

Honestly, I know why I haven't lost the weight, even though I sometimes pretend I don't. It's because I don't move enough. Plain and simple, though I'm sure eating a little healthier would help too, though I don't do too terribly at that. Anyways, my clothes don't fit me and I just don't feel good at all, so today I'm starting the South Beach Diet and I'll be doing a series of posts called SBD to LBD (LBD as in Little Black Dress).

I'll still be doing other posts, and hopefully get Leiah to do some more as well, but health and fitness do play a huge role in becoming the Leading Lady of your life. When you feel confident in the way you look and in your own health you walk taller and with more confidence in other areas in your life. I used to have that and I have just let it go. SBD to LBD is my way of getting it back.

In other news, my mother in law just bought me The Pioneer Woman Cookbook and I'm thrilled! I'm making a few recipes from it for my meal plan next week (SBD-ing them a bit of course) and I think they'll be great.

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