Wednesday, November 11

my not so humble opinion...

I truly hate to rant, to stand on a soap box and spout my thoughts, (i save those moments for my mom, my sister, and my dearest friend), however on this day I'm fed up with the lazy world. I did a post on time management before. Did it motivate you at all? I write today about the need for people to clean up their houses and their yards! I am tired of going to peoples messy houses! They apparently have no time to clean - but plenty of time to surf the internet, watch TV, read, and dawdle. Get your acts together and get moving. A clean house makes you more productive and therefore happier! Begin today! So, unless you are sick, have sick kids, or have a baby under 4 months....okay, maybe 6 months, you have no excuse to have a messy house! (well, there might be a few other reasons out there) but for the most part you get the idea...quit being lazy!

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