Tuesday, October 27


There's someone living in your head. Did you know?
The voice that you have in your head, whether it's negative or positive, as a very definite impact on your life, health, and happiness.

The voice in your head has the power to make any good thing seem bad and, surprisingly, can turn any bad situation into a positive one. As I wrote in my last post, positive self-talk has helped me to feel happy and really good throughout what has been a physically demanding and difficult pregnancy. Hopefully it will help me in labor and when I become a mom, too!

The trick to positive self-talk is PRACTICE! It's definitely something that takes a little effort and time for most people. Even when you feel you've got it down pat, there will still be moments of weakness where you let negative thoughts have their affect on you. The trick is to always try and get back on the wagon of speaking positively to yourself.

I like to use trigger words such as: bad, failure, hopeless, lonely, depressed, etc. Man just writing those words makes me feel yucky! When I hear my inner voice using words like that, I stop what I'm doing, take a deep breath and come up with 3 positive things that are going on in my life. Then I try and turn around my negative thought and make it a positive one.

Negative Thought: "I'm so lonely, my husband never has time for me."
Positive thoughts: 1) "I am healthy," 2) :I am intelligent," 3) :My husband loves me so much and is such a good man" (okay that one was two, but going overboard is perfectly acceptable!)
Turned around negative thought: "I am so lucky to have such a dedicated, intelligent and hard working husband! What can I do to make my time with him more meaningful and show my love and appreciation for him more?"

It's good to end with some idea for pro-activity! Your happiness is in your own hands! Go do something about it and stop the negative self-talk. The impact it will have on your life and stress levels will be huge, I promise you!

Love, Lis

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thelaytonfamily said...

hey - I didn't know you were going at it again! yea for you!