Thursday, July 9

We're back!

Hey Lis and Leiah are coming back from the Twilight Zone! Life has been happening at a rapid pace even if we haven't been posting about it, but we are both getting re-dedicated to becoming Leading Ladies.

The biggest news so far is that I (Lis) am PREGNANT! Woo hoo!
I found out that my leading man and I will welcome our first little bundle of joy into our family around Thanksgiving and I am SO excited!

Pregnancy has been very uncomfortable with plenty of nausea, aches, pains and complaints, but it's all worth it when I feel my little baby move and think about raising a little boy or girl. Sorry, I know that sounds mushy, but I gotta focus on the positive things!

That's my little update for now! It's good to be back and I'll write again soon!

Love, Lis

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Brent and Family said...

Congrats on the baby on the way Alyssa! Hope all is going well with you and your husband!